A code of ethics consistent with our values

Alexis Tricoire attaches great importance to the ecological impact of his creations, from conception to completion. His agency has integrated eco-responsible methods such as zero paper, minimizing its carbon impact in travel through vision-conferencing and soft mobility (bike, train).

The projects also follow the principles of eco-design: with a way of designing that is economical in materials, and the use of sustainable materials with less ecological impact. Concerned with preserving the wilderness, the Studio avoids using materials from areas of high biodiversity on the planet. Instead, it favors the use of local wood, aluminum, recycled or recyclable plastics, and stainless steel.

The impact of the creations during and after production is also at the center of our concerns. In order to promote a short circuit, the agency uses a network of subcontractors from French companies. In addition, we use the most economical systems in terms of electrical and hydraulic energy. Finally, the creations are dismountable so that each material can be recycled at the end of its life.