Liquid Plants
4 March 2021
Green Line
4 March 2021

Space WORK !

Scenography of a reception area
House & Object Show -Paris, 2019

Alexis Tricoire creates here a 100 square meter space of conviviality and meeting at the entrance of Hall 6, echoing the Work! theme on the evolution of behaviors in the world of work.
Visitors to the show can take a rejuvenating "green" break surrounded by hybrid objects that allow for both waiting and working functions: a bench with a grass backrest, a table with trees running through it, a kiosk with a green roof that reveals an original light creation, etc.
Alexis Tricoire also gave a lecture on design associated with plants, and how it has become one of the solutions to face the challenge of ecological transition, within a society in search of well-being, especially in the world of work.