Nouveau Monde
4 March 2021
4 March 2021

Baroque Exuberance

Château de Versailles, Jardin Français, Petit Trianon, summer 2010

Installation of five plant sculptures inspired by the cycle of life, global warming, plant habitat, and medicinal botany

Drunken Forest : These trees trapped in a movement they do not control, having lost the sense of verticality, are the symbolic image of the strange climatic disorder in progress.

Forbidden Fruit: The laboratory-inspired installation of nine transparent bubbles, like strange oversized fruits where aromatic and medicinal herbs grow, represents an infinitesimal sample of the plant's power over man.

Natural Cyclic: A universal symbol of involution and evolution, birth and death, this 6 metre high plant spiral reminds us that the only constant in life is impermanence.

Plant gallery: Directly inspired by the ribbed crossings of baroque churches, this nine-metre long string of inverted plant arches reminds us that nature is our guest, that it welcomes us and shelters us on this earth. 

Baroque heart : This four-metre heart, pierced by an arrow at the Royal point and covered with passion red flowers, is a hymn to universal love

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