Gamme Prisme
10 July 2019
26 September 2020

Capital 8

Capital 8 business center, Paris, 2016

Creation of three monumental garden benches with integrated plant compositions, and lighting design of the facing grove.

The three "Botanic Twist" benches, each ten meters long,feature a wooden slatted seat that metamorphoses into a planter by a set of tendrils, and whose complex shape evokes a boomerang. The whole is maintained by a structure in stainless steel microblasted.
The lines of the benches, underlined by an LED ribbon, seem to levitate at nightfall.
In the landscaped bed in the center of the courtyard and in the plant compositions of the benches, 500 frosted resin LED fireflies are poetically disseminated.
These "tulips", whose shape is taken from the molding of a pebble, swing on thin carbon rods at the whim of the breeze, with variations in light intensity evoking a breath.Bench in Robinia from PEFC-certified European forests, made by TF Urban - Tôlerie Forézienne.