Capital 8
26 September 2020

Gamme Prisme

Carré Michelet, La Défense, 2020

Groupe Gecina immobilier
Édition Atech 2021

Creation of a range of urban furniture to bring life to the outdoor spaces of the Carré Michelet business center.
By multiplying uses around "nature bubbles" on four levels, the outdoor furniture complements the uses planned in the interiors adjoining the terraces and constitutes in itself a range of furniture whose mass marketing has been entrusted to the outdoor furniture publisher Atech.

With its pattern of openwork squares and diamond-tipped structure, the furniture develops a strong, recognizable, yet understated and elegant image that reinforces the center's identity.

Each use is adapted to the different spaces of the site:
table in a standing position in front of the conference center for informal meetings, large seats and table in front of the company restaurant, tablet stand in front of the reception desk to prepare for an appointment.
offering multiple services:
various seating, dining, waiting, meetings
Some models in the range are marketed in series by the Atech company

In the evening, the glitter of the furniture is infinitely reflected on the glass walls of the patio.
This second skin that hides the growing bins highlights nature with a beautiful case. A signature for the center, thanks to an original structure and texture creation, based on perforated patterns on folded sheets.
The prism, a dynamic geometry that brings together both the square, symbol of the center, and the multi-faceted game of interior furniture.